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The city of Kennesaw, Georgia, has a unique approach to computer recycling that helps keep the environment safe and clean. Residents can bring their old computers to the recycling center and have them broken down into their component parts for reuse or disposal.

Are you A residential Customer? Unfortunately, We Only Provide Business To Business Services. For Residential Services or For Drop Off Contact Beyond Surplus Or Reworx Recycling

Kennesaw Computer Recycling Provides Sustainable, Cost Effective Solutions

Recycling computers with KCR is a great way to ensure that your old technology is disposed of in a manner that is both safe for the environment and beneficial for the Kennesaw community.

Secure Data Destruction Services in Kennesaw, Georgia

Secure data destruction services are essential for businesses of all sizes in the Kennesaw, Georgia area. These services help protect businesses from potential data breaches and other security risks by securely disposing of digital media and other sensitive documents.

Kennesaw Computer Recycling Equipment Removal & Logistics

We use our own equipment and our small but mighty fleet of box trucks to facilitate pick-up and delivery. Kennesaw Computer Recycling will provide the labor to de-install and pack equipment on-site.

Responsible IT Equipment Disposal in Kennesaw

Responsible IT equipment disposal is a growing concern for businesses in Kennesaw, Georgia. The city has developed a plan to help businesses safely and responsibly dispose of their outdated IT equipment. This plan includes a list of qualified IT recyclers and e-waste collectors, as well as guidelines for proper disposal.

Kennesaw Computer Recycling Data Center Decommission Service

The decision to decommission your Kennesaw data center is a difficult one. However, it can be beneficial for your organization in several ways. Benefits include cost savings, increased security, improved operational efficiency, and better resource management.” Decommissioning a data center is never an easy decision.

Kennesaw Computer Recycling Computer Recycling Services

How Kennesaw Computer Recycling Service Works

If you live in Kennesaw, Georgia, you should consider taking advantage of the computer recycling services offered by KCR. Recycling computers can help to reduce the amount of waste that is produced and can also help to reduce the harm caused by electronic waste.

Commercial Customer? Contact Kennesaw Computer Recycling Services

Whether you are a small or large business, local, state or federal government agency, medical or industrial facility or school Computer Recycling has the ewaste disposal program that works for your organization regardless of the industry and scope of operations. Click The link below to find out how can help you recycle or dispose of your computer or IT Equipment responsibly.

Residential Customer? Contact The Companies Below To Get Started Today

Are you A residential Customer? Unfortunately, We Kennesaw Computer Recycling Only Provides “Business 2 Business” Services. For Residential Services or For Drop Off Contact Beyond Surplus Or Reworx Recycling . The companies above are the premier go-to companies for residential electronics recycling services n Georgia. From events to standalone individual recycling.

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I work at a major hospital in Atlanta. Over the years we had accumulated a lot of data containing devices servers, storage arrays etc. We did not know how and what to do with them until i saw their billboard. If Hipaa compliance is a requirement like us call KCR


Mary Sequoia

System Administrator

Kennesaw Computer Recycling is amazing. I’m an IT manager and I recently had to travel to Atlanta to shut down an office. A friend recommended them since i was not familiar with the area. They were knowledgeable, Extremally helpful and accommodating.


Philip Glacier

IT Manager

I was in charge of disposing some of our old office equipment prior to employees returning from working from home. Kennesaw Recycling staff helped unload a whole Uhaul van of equipment. Convenient service, Call Or Email First. Thank you!


Amy Redwood

Office Manager

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Get Started Recycling Your Computers, Laptops, Servers, IT & Data Center Equipment. Kennesaw Computer Recycling Has taken the guesswork out of safely and securely recycling all your computer old equipment. We handle pickup, removal, data destruction and hard drive shredding.

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